Thursday, September 15, 2016

Self Learning : Learn to be Distracted

Someone told me today that he couldn’t do all his work because of distraction. When he was trying to start the work, the distraction always broke his focus and lost all his concentration. As the consequence, he need to do all the work at night, when he was supposed to take a rest after all day in the office.

We know that there are some different type of people. The people can do anything in the trouble environment, or the people need more concentration in the silence. Which type are you determining your success in your work.

I believe that these type of habit during work could be improved, depend on we want to improve it or not. When we always need more silence to finish all our work, this does not mean that we always need more concentration. We cannot always get lucky environment that support us to do that. Sometimes, we get distraction, or even in the rush situation. You never believe when in rush condition your tention will raise up and your brain couldn’t think clearly?

That’s the important to learn to be distracted. We can start with reading in the busy environment, reading near volume up music, or in the public transportation.

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Created by: Bambang Sutrisno

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