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Indonesia Social Media Festival 2013

Also posted in Tunza Eco Generation website.

Indonesia Social Media Festival is an annual event to gather multi background communities which use social media to share their activities to public. As we know, nowadays is an era for social media platform like facebook, twitter, instagram, foursquare, path, etc. With this social media platform, we as the young people can share and learn everything.

Indonesia Social Media Festival 2013 was held in FX Mall Jakarta on 12-13 October 2013. There were almost 125 communities from multi background like creative, arts and culture, technology, youth movement and environment join in this event. Besides the booth for each of the communities, there were also a workshop, games, and stage performance.

With the theme “ We Dare to Share”, the Social Media Festival this time tried to spread the positive movement to the public with social media platform. Nowadays, Over 50% of the social media user is young people. Young people as the leaders for the next generation should have responsibility to the our future better for Indonesia. With this event, we tried to share our positive action to the movement.

Me, with Desa Sejahtera Alliance tried to  promote “Local Food” Campaign to the visitor in Social Media Festival 2013. We introduced to the visitor why should they support the local food. We also promoted our next event “Festival of Villages 2013” on upcoming November. (Reported by Bambang Sutrisno-Indonesia)
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