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Becoming Resource person in “Bumiku Satu” Programme Daai tv Indonesia

Also posted in Tunza Eco Generation website. 
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Daai tv Indonesia, as one of the private company television in Indonesia which broadcast their programme in Jakarta and Medan has a program television for youth movement and environment in Indonesia, namely “Bumiku Satu” or My One Earth. This Programme television aims to raise awareness to the young people and growing their creativity to solve environmental problem in Indonesia.

Bumiku Satu broadcast on television on every Sunday, 15.30 (West Indonesian Time). In each of the episode, they have three segmen. One of the segmen, they have talkshow session with resource person which consist of two person.

On Last Friday, I became one of the resource person in “Bumiku Satu” Program television by Daai tv Indonesia for the special episode about “ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme-Asean Youth Eco Leaders 2013”. Another resource person is Rizki, my friend from the same university with me. Me and Rizki as the representatives of Indonesian perticipants in AYVP 2013. In this session, we asked to share what we got during the AYVP Programme, why were we join the programme, why we as the young people should join the programme like this, etc. With this session, we also try to inspire and share to the other young people in Indonesia to make an action together to solve environmental problem in Indonesia, and give the a message related to the environment.

This was my third time to have a chance to be a resource person in talkshow session for television programme. I think, the programme television like this is very important to support, because their existence depend on us who watch the programme. In Indonesia, “Bumiku Satu” Programme almost familiar programme in NGO or youth movement person to publish their event related to the environment. Finally, I hope this programme like this will always exist to spread the environmental message to the people in Indonesia. (Reported by Bambang Sutrisno-Indonesia)

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