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Youth Camp 2013: Young and Locavore!

Indonesia is the 4th largest population in the world. The food security becoming a crucial problem to be faced. Some of the main foods in Indonesia are imported products now. It was a bad condition in a country with the 2nd largest biodiversity, but deficiency in food supply. Indonesia have more than 1000 species of medicinal plants, 800 species of food plants, 77 species of carbohydrate, 232 species of vegetables, 389 species of fruits and 116 species of spices.

The Youth Camp 2013 was held on June 7th until 9th 2013 in D’Jungle Private Camp, Ciburial Bogor, West Java to educate young people as millennium generation to love their local food. The event organized by Indonesia Berseru  and Veco Indonesia. More than 50 students from different university in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Solo, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali participated in this activities. The students from Solo and Bali coordinated by Health Food and Healty Living (HFHL) Community.

Local foods and Healty foods are the rare foods now. Many people prefer to eat fast foods than local food. Whereas, some fast foods are not healty for our body. In addition, we never think and know where does our foods come from? How the farmers life, the fisheries life? Are they in safe condition? This activities is due to the UNEP theme this years in Environmental Days 2013 “ Think, Eat, Save”. When we ate some food, may be some where in the world a family live with no food all day.

During the activities, I learned more about how to be an ethical and good consumer, learned from the palm oil plantation and the farmers problem, and how to make a movement to raise local foods as an alternatives food to make food security and moreover foods sovereignty. In last session, before each of us backed to our home, we make some plans as an agent of change to make movement to increase the awareness people in local foods. Finally, I hope the local foods would sovereign in their own country, Indonesia. (Reported by Bambang Sutrisno, Indonesia)


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