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Drama Show from Teens Go Green : “Water vs Styrofoam” to Celebrate Earth Day 2013 and International Year of Water Cooperation 2013

Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22nd April every year. To celebrate Earth Day 2013, Teens Go Green performed drama show with the titled "Water vs Styrofoam".  The themed Water is due to the theme of this year as International Year of Water Cooperation.

Water is a source of life. It becomes a very important as main needs in the earth. But, nowadays, water pollution becomes serious problem. It pollute the source of water. Heavy pollution of river water by household and industrial waste pollute the river in Indonesia. Plastic bags and Styrofoam waste become a large pollution in the river. It accumulated every day and disturb the balancing of ecosystem.

Drama Teens Go Green performed to increase the public awareness about water issues and waste. With Drama show, Teens Go Green tried to present a creative method to promote and increasing environmental awareness and the spirit of Earth Day 2013. The story began when Airo (a lively water) met his friend, Treena (a beautiful tree in the forest). Treena feel pain due to the garbage that accumulated in her roots. Airo was so sad, and promised to find the cause of the garbage. Airo flowed from the up stream ecosystem to the middle stream. He met Imas (a funny goldfish) . Imas apparently felt the same with Treena. She can’t breathe because the garbages cover the surface of the river. Her habitat fulled with garbage. Airo was so sad, and He continued his journey to find the cause of garbage in the river. He flowed to coastal ecosystem. He met Unyu (an Innocent Turtle). Unyu already felt the same problem. The Garbage in the river were come from the human who throw the garbage into the river. So, it becomes pollution in the river.

Our awareness to save the river as a source of water could save all the ecosystem unit from upstream to coastal ecosystem. Our action today could save our next generation! #SaveWater #SaveRiver #SaveEarth #SaveOurLife!

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