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Becoming a speaker in Green Generation, Green Consumtion 2013

Protecting the environment is certainly an ongoing activity in order to maintain balancing in a life cycle. Due to this objectives, Universitas Siswa Bangsa International especially faculty of education and faculty of Bussiness held an event with the titled “Green Generation, Green Consumtion (GGGC)” in 2013, continued the previous Green Generation, Green Consumtion in 2012. Begining from the term "you are what you eat" (source: the activities of Green Generation, Green Consumption 2013 focused on the Green Consumption in an effort to healthy lifestyle and care for the environment.

During the GGGC series, there were many kind of activities such as Talkshow, 3D Posters Competition, Photo Commitment to support Earth Hour, Healthy walk, Green Campaign and Perkusion Competition. This GGGC started on Saturday, 23rd March 2013 with the beginning session in talkshow event. The Talkshow took the themed “ Think Smart, Eat Good and Respect Our Food”. Me, as representatives from Teesn Go Green, was invited to become a speaker in the talkshow session. I spoke about green packaging which friendly for our environment.

Today, in the age of almost instantaneous, we encounter a lot of fast food and the use of food packaging which is not environmental friendly that will cause problems for the health and threatens our environment. Slow food movement is one movement that supports the lifestyle of Green Consumption (Lenaha, 2012). Slow food movement has three values ​​to be conveyed, that is good, clean and fair.

A food packaging that rapidly adopted as the styrofoam food packaging are widely used ranging from fast food restaurants to street hawker in the city. Styrofoam designed to be practical in packaging and made from lightweight and ability to keep food packaging is intacted. However, data from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 1986 said that the hazardous wastes generated from the manufacture of styrofoam so much, and therefore EPA categorizes waste styrofoam manufacturing yield hazardous waste as the 5th largest in the world. Furthermore, the process of making styrofoam releasing 57 harmful substances into the air.

GGGC 2013 becoming the first initiatives to create the first model “Free Styrofom Campus” program which Teens Go Green initiated.

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