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The 5th Ajang Kreasi : The Journey of Teens Go Green

“It’s been five years, since the first time we commited to be greener. Now, it’s your time to join our commitment thru competition”
Ajang Kreasi is an anually Event from Teens Go Green and as resume of campaign that doing by Teens Go Green each year. This Year is the fifth Ajang Kreasi and as the inauguration for the Journey of Teens Go Green. "This year we adopted the theme ‘Water vs. Styrofoam’ because the usage of styrofoam in Jakarta is really bad," said Bayu Sutrisno, Project officer Ajang Kreasi. He continued, "Styrofoam become a toxic in our body and it’s not degradable all over the time. We tried to do a small action to reduce the usage of Styrofoam in shool cafetaria."

In the Ajang Kreasi, there are four competitions conducted, namely 1) Action Research Styrofoam, 2) fotonovela themed "Water and Styrofoam" 3) Short Film entitled "Me and Styrofoam, 4) Digital Games Creation Competition on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity digi-games). The competition is aimed at students and high school students. For Assessing the work of the participants, the judges selected according to their expertise respectively.

In the event, they also invited creative young artists who care about the environment, Mikha Tambayong, young actress who starred in the series "Kepompong" and also starred in the film with the theme of the environment, "Earth’s Song" as a figure of exemplary young man, but it also would appear Simphony Equatorial Choir, angklung and percussion art from the School of People Ancol, Maxima Theatre by students from the University of Bakrie and Environment Theatre of Sampoerna School of Education also participated.

Ajang Kreasi was aimed at creation, dissemination of knowledge about biodiversity and green lifestyle among teenagers, mobilize public support for environmentally-friendly lifestyle, especially to be able to reduce the use of Styrofoam and encourage the participation of the public, especially young people / youth to participate actively in efforts to disseminate the message environmental messages through creative media such as short films, photographs, and digital games. "Education about saving biodiversity in our teenagers are doing continuously to become mainstream in the Indonesian education system for sustainable development." Rina Said, a facilitator from Teens Go Green.

Next time, we expected more involvement of high school students in Jakarta to maintain a "home" where we live, because if we weren’t, who else?

Bambang Sutrisno Bambang Sutrisno Author


  1. Let's say :"Teens go green #actNOW". Good job and keep greener.


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